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Best Website Brokers To Get Highest Valuations In 2023 (The Top 10)

After years of hard work, your online business has finally reached the point that you’re profitable and feel that it’s a good time to cash out. Below you will find the best website brokers on the market in 2020 to sell your hard fought business.

Selling any business is a great way to create an influx of instant cash flow into your life. We know many people that have sold their business for large sums of cash into the millions of dollars using business brokers. Even our Business Brokers Rated founder has sold 8 businesses in his 30 year career most using a website or business broker.

If you’re looking to sell an online business whether it be an ecommerce business, affiliate website, successful blog or even an Amazon FBA business, you may want to use the services of a website broker.

A website broker is basically a business broker that specializes in the sale and purchase of online based businesses.

Using a website broker can help you to get a higher sale price for your business. The broker knows how to get proper valuations and they have access to serious buyers who are willing to pay.

There are many website brokers in the market but only a few that we recommend.

Best Website Brokers To Use In 2023

1) Website Properties

Website Properties best website brokers

Number one on our list of best website brokers is Website Properties. This website broker has been helping people buy and sell online properties since 2007. They have specialized in helping others buy and sell only online properties since their beginning giving them a distinct edge over their competitors.

While not the largest firm on our list, Website Properties is by far the easiest to deal with. They have a smaller staff which makes dealing with them very personal. You get one on one attention that never every business broker offers.

Business Brokers Rated founder has had extensive experience using Website Properties and gives them the highest rating of all business brokers. Scott has sold five businesses using Website Properties selling these businesses for mid five figures to over 7 figures.

“Website Properties was able to get me a much higher valuation than I could have ever received going a different route” says Scott. “I will use them exclusively for all of my deals in the future”.

Website Properties makes selling or buying an online business exciting and takes the stress out of the whole process.

This website broker may have a small team, but this enables them to focus on each client. There is no worry of getting lost in the crowd as seems to be the case with many business brokers.

Website Properties offers personal service that you can’t find using other website brokers.

On top of this they have great response times which means help is there when you need it!

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2) Quiet Light Brokerage

Quiet Light Brokerage review

Coming in number two on our list of best website brokers, Quiet Light Brokerage has been helping people buy and sell online businesses since 2006.

The founder and staff of Quiet Light Brokerage know what it takes to buy and sell online web based businesses having done it themselves in the past.

Quiet Light Brokerage’s team is made of individuals who are also career entrepreneurs giving them insight not every website broker has. Being entrepreneurs themselves truly helps Quiet Light Brokerage offer unique perspectives to buyers and sellers that many business brokers simply cannot offer.

Since 2006, Quiet Light Brokerage has helped to broker the sale of 500 plus online businesses with a total value of over $100,000,000 in transactions.

With this type of track record, it’s safe to say that Quiet Light Brokerage can help you to get what you want for your business as well.

We also like the fact that the response times for this business broker are at the top of the charts. When we contacted them they responded in 17 minutes!

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3) BuySellEmpire


Next on our list of best website brokers is one of the newest website brokers in the market called BuySellEmpire.

Founded around 2017, BuySellEmpire helps clients buy and sell web based properties from content based websites to Amazon FBA businesses.

BuySellEmpire carefully screens the businesses they sell so buyers can be assured they’re getting quality. This helps them to get a 95% closure rate which is very high for a business broker.

Response times for BuySellEmpire are very good coming in at 23 minutes after our initial contact.

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4) Investors Club

investors club

The newest player in the business brokering market is Investors Club. Launched in January of 2020, this broker is not your average website broker.

Investors Club is more of a business for sale marketplace that allows sellers to sell their business in a private marketplace environment.

There is a $99 listing fee charged to list your business on Investors Club, but their success fees are very low at only 5%.

Our initial contact with Investors Club went well with a response time of 2 hours 9 minutes. This means if you need help, their support staff is there to assist you.

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5) Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers

This website broker burst onto the scene in 2013 and has been growing ever since. They offer a free valuation and can have your online business listed for sale in their marketplace very quickly.

Empire Flippers has a good success rate of selling businesses with an 88% closure rate. They can do this because they are very careful about the quality of businesses they allow in their marketplace.

Even if your business is on the smaller side, as long as it makes $500 per month or more for 6 consecutive months it can be sold using Empire Flippers.

This website broker also has an amazing response time. We clocked their response time at 10 minutes which really is very good.

Since this is a website broker that we have used ourselves, we can offer an insider’s look at how Empire Flippers works. This leads us to the only drawback we have with this website broker. That is their sales process is a bit clunky and confusing.

However, other than that, they are definitely worth looking into.

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6) Dealflow Brokerage

Dealflow Brokerage

Started in 2013, Dealflow helps other buy and sell online businesses. Unlike other business brokers, Dealflow deals only with up to 15 businesses at a time. This gives you less competition when selling your online business.

With a small team of 5 people, Dealflow has been able to create a very successful website brokerage firm.

With over 15,000 potential buyers, Dealflow has the outreach to help you find a buyer for your business.

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7) Website Closers

Website Closers

Started by Jason Guerrettaz and Ron Matheson, this website broker has years of experience in the ecommerce space which allows them to offer a different perspective to sellers.

No matter the size of your ecommerce business, Website Closers can help you to find potential buyers.

Specializing in helping entrepreneurs buy and sell online business, Website Closers knows how to help their clients get the most money for their hard work.

If your business has sales from $50,000 to $200,000,000, Website Closers could be a business broker that works for you particularly if you’re in the ecommerce space.

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8) Digital Exits

Digital Exits best website brokers

Since 2014, Digital Exits has been helping others buy and sell online based businesses. With over $35 million in transactions closed and a high 90+% closure rate, Digital Exits does seem to know how to get businesses noticed by potential buyers.

Be careful though. Our research seems to indicate that Digital Exits is a decent website broker but we hesitate to give them our highest ratings. We had to lower our ratings with this broker because when we contacted this company, we never received a response.

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we sell your site website brokers

For over 16 years, We Sell Your Site has been selling online businesses. They also help others to buy online businesses as well.

We Sell Your Site is one of the original web-based brokers to help their clients buy and sell web properties.

Specializing in the sale of businesses that have profits of $100,000 to $5 million, We Sell Your Site has sold over $100,000,000 worth of web based properties since their founding.

Since We Sell Your Site has a long track record we placed them on our list of best website brokers. That being said, their response time is non-existent. We tried contacting this business broker twice and both times we never received any response to our requests.

So, we encourage you to try to contact this website broker before you decide to use them to sell your internet business or even sell a website.

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10) BizBroker24


This next website broker has been around since 2009. While not the oldest on our list, BizBroker24 certainly has grown to become a global leader as a brokerage firm.

While BizBroker24 has a primary focus of helping people buy and sell businesses in the United States they have a strong presence in 9 countries.

BizBroker24 says their average asking price is $950,000 for businesses they list with a 95% success rate. They also say that they have access to over 15,000 buyers.

This broker focuses on selling internet based businesses that are valued at $150,000 to $20 million. This means for smaller internet businesses, BizBroker24 may not be your best choice. You might want to consider using other website brokers.

There is no question that BizBroker24 is a business broker with amazing reach around the world. However, we prefer using a broker that has a smaller staff because it can give you one on one personal attention you just don’t get at these larger brokers.

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BONUS) Flippa

Flippa review

We added Flippa to our list because this business for sale marketplace allows sellers to easily sell their online web properties. Plus, with over 250,000 online businesses sold since their founding in 2009, Flippa is one of the most successful business for sale marketplaces for internet based businesses.

Flippa is not a website broker in the truest since of the word. It’s more of a business for sale marketplace like BizBuySell but with a focus on digital businesses rather than brick and mortar businesses.

Unlike a traditional business broker, sites like Flippa allow sellers to place their business for sale in a very large marketplace where people bid in an auction environment. This makes it easy to get a business up for sale in a very short time frame.

Flippa is good for those selling smaller websites and businesses under $100,000. While there are larger businesses that do sell on Flippa, most are smaller. Online business owners with larger businesses typically will reply on the services of a traditional website brokerage firm like those listed above.

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